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We provide each of  products a high performance and long life cycle time to smooth and precise movement.

Design for Manufacturing,  Products is produced Mode and effect analysis, and drawings, product specs, and test specs.


Performance, Cost, and Manufacturing Optimization. Ensuring we make the most effective use of  your request.


Performance and Life cycle    Testing, Development of Acceptance  as well as Interactive and Testing.


Offering coordination, planning, and optimization services to businesses or individuals with manufacturing needs.

NewWay Linear Ball Bushing Products line.   ----> Link to detail spec.

Producing WORLD-CLASS Products.

Linear bushing are bearing for unlimited backwards and forwards linear movement during which the bails are constantly returned to loaded zone in closed circuits.

The bearing enable accurate linear guides to be constructed simply and economically.

With high performance and wide range of types, the NewWay linear bushing being used in many fields such as machine tools, industrial machine, electrical equipment, food processing machine and optical and measuring equipments.

NewWay Precision Positioning Stages products Line.  ----> Link to detail spec.

Precision and stability

NewWay provide several precise types of positioning stages.

Stages can be used in extensive application such as as OA equipment and peripheral, measuring instruments and printed circuit board drilling machines.

NewWay Linear-Motion

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